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Although virtually every material included in the VAWnet library might be considered useful for training, below we have identified some major categories of training tools to best support the efforts of those working to develop or enhance education efforts in a variety of settings – from public to professional, from academic to agency-based. Each of these materials can assist in raising awareness, increasing capacity, or enhancing one’s knowledge-base.

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Gender Analysis is a tool that empowers individuals and communities to identify and understand how differently gendered people are affected by systems of power in cultural, economic, social, civil, legal, political, religious, racial, and ethnic situations.
Authors: National Council of Churches USA, The Justice for Women Working Group
This clickable map allows the user to explore facts and figures on violence against women by country.
Authors: Amnesty International (AI)
This simple true-false online quiz helps victims and those who care about them identify the signs of abuse.
Authors: American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists
This call to action is to encourage African American men to participate in a sermon contest to speak out against domestic violence.
Authors: Be More Campaign
Cada hombre puede ser fuerte sin ser violento” es una campaña de educación pública para promover la participación de los hombres latinos en la prevención de la violencia doméstica.
Authors: Enlace Comunitario
March 2013
This timeline documents key historical events known to significantly impact or advance the goal of intimate partner violence prevention in the United States, noting intersections with sister social justice movements. The information is complied from several timelines and listings of prevention milestones.
Authors: National Resource Center on Domestic Violence
Este afiche muestra a un niño con una serie de instrucciones a seguir, incluida la de respetar a las mujeres. También incluye esto: Debemos educar a nuestros hijos, desde temprano y frecuentemente, acerca de lo que significa ser un verdadero hombre; que las mujeres merecen que se las honre y se las respete, y que la violencia nunca es fortaleza. En sus manos está un mundo más seguro. Ayúdelos a alcanzarlo.
Authors: Futures Without Violence.
This short true or false quiz tests how much we know and how much of our knowledge has been based on the myths that we hear about sexual assault and sex offenders.
Authors: Megan's Law, California Dept of Justice
This campaign is one of several designed by Futures Without Violence to mobilize men to do their part to eradicate violence against women.
Authors: Futures Without Violence
This gallery features art created by children in the Domestic Abuse Project's Children's Program. All children in this program are child witnesses of violence committed by one adult household member against their mother.
Authors: Domestic Abuse Project